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RWBY Volume 6 Review

Season 6 of RWBY continues the long running series and marks a nice rebound from season 5 in terms of fight scenes and pacing. More of Remnant's mysteries are revealed, one of RWBY's long time rivals is notably defeated, and the season ends on an upbeat note while still retaining the sense of uncertainty that has made the show so great ever since Beacon fell in season 3.

Bite-sized Backstory 47: The Best Thing I Can Think To Be

Mara Sov reveals her biggest, darkest secret to former Queen Alis Li, and then asks for Alis' forgiveness. But Alis Li, who lead the Yang Liwei and the Awoken of the Distributary for poise and purpose does not accept Mara's apology. Instead, the furious former queen declares that she will do everything she can to separate Mara from their world and her immortality.