Review: Akebi’s Sailor Uniform Anime

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform is a fun, good-natured show that allows its energetic lead to become the glue that binds her entire junior high class together.

Review: Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill is a silly, awesome, way over the top anime in which high school student Ryuko Matoi fights super powered battles against her school's student council in order to determine who killed her father. And then it gets crazy.

Review: Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-

Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- is a time skipping sci-fi adventure that follows AI songstress Diva as she attempts to save humanity from a deadly future while she, at the same time, struggles to learn how to truly sing from her heart.

Review: Gekijouban Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Movie

The Revue Starlight Movie pulls off a surprising, well founded continuation of the anime series that is spectacularly theatric from beginning to end.

Review: Astra Lost in Space

Astra Lost in Space is a well-paced sci-fi adventure with great characters, solid science fiction, plenty of humor, and a surprising amount of well-earned emotion, and drama.

Anime Suggestions For A Ravenclaw

Just a handful of anime suggestions for those who already have a great watchlist.

Review: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica's delightful take on the classic Magical Girl genre makes it one of my favorite anime of all time.

Review: Spice and Wolf Anime

Spice and Wolf somehow manages to combine great characters and conversations with explorations of medieval trade in a way that’s actually interesting and engaging.

Review: Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Love Is War is a hilariously clever show about two incredibly smart student council leaders who go to absurd lengths to force the other admit their feelings of love.

Review: SSSS.Gridman

I’m just here to say good things about SSSS.Gridman. Great art. Great animation. Great action. Great characters. Great plot. Great music. And some nicely hidden depth that you might not expect. Just go watch SSSS.Gridman.