Return of the Ice Jerk

Stasis is annoying. Even when used correctly.

The Last Word

Bite-sized Backstory 57: The Showdown at Dwindler’s Ridge

Shin Malphur and Dredgen Yor have a one sided showdown decades after Yor killed Jaren Ward. An old qoute resurfaces with renewed power.

The Last Word

Bite-sized Backstory 56: Thorn vs The Last Word

When the town of Palamon is reduced to ash, Shin Malphur and Guardian Jaren Ward go after the culprit which leads to an encounter with the deadly Dredgen Yor.

The Last Word

Bite-sized Backstory 55: Rezyl Azzir & Dredgen Yor

The story of The Last Word is tied as tightly to the corrupted Guardian Dredgen Yor as it is Jaren Ward, but Yor was not always the evil that the world now knows him as.

The Last Word

Bite-sized Backstory 54: Jaren Ward

Some years after his rebirth, Shin Malphur lives as a boy in the town of Palamon under the rule of the ruthless Magistrate Loken... until Jaren Ward walks into town.

The Last Word

Bite-sized Backstory 53: Child of Light

The Last Word is one of Destiny's most iconic guns, so, of course, its history is one of Destiny's longest and most iconic backstories.

Bite-sized Backstory 52: A Power Unknown

With one third of her people gone and the rest still reeling from a Fallen attack, Mara Sov sends her brother Uldren to secure a power that will see the Awoken through even the toughest of times.

Bite-sized Backstory 51: The Mutiny

A third of Mara Sov's Awoken depart the Reef in order to help the people of Earth. Meanwhile, Sjur sacrifices herself to save thousand of Awowken lives.

Bite-sized Backstory 50: The Plight of Earth

Mara's Awoken have found Earth, but for the first time in the thousands of years since she awoke on the Distributary, Mara has a major political problem.

Bite-sized Backstory 49: The Long Unquiet Night

Mara Sov and her Awoken survive the transition back to our solar system, but the trip leaves much of their technology in ruins. Now, they must find refuge in a Reef of asteroids and derelict Golden Age ships where they can rebuild their technology and their numbers.