The Thaleniel Guards

A young guardswoman learns valuable lessons during her failed attempt to guard a warehouse in the medieval city of Thaleniel.

Magma & Team IcyHot vs The Friendly Fortune Teller

Fire Genasi Magma and her three diverse companions fight to save a town from a deadly fate steeming from a decades old betrayal.

Fireball - When you absolutely have to kill everything in a 20' radius

Meet Magma

Magma is a 5th level Fire Genasi for D&D 5th edition. She is brash, charming, quick to anger, loyal, and dangerous. There is little that can stand in her way when she sets out to do something, though she does, on occasion, overextend herself, which is why it’s good that she travels the world adventuring with an diverse oddball collection of friends.

Sparks Clearpath

The Sorcerer

A little later in life, Sparks sets out on a fantastic adventure only to be turned back by an unexpected snow storm. Upon returning to a friendly tavern, she only wants to rest, but a belligerent wizard enters with his own agenda.

Sparks Clearpath

Passage Of Years

An experimental story that recounts the passage of years from the year Sparks met the Cunninghams to the present day.

Sparks Clearpath

The Fateful Storm

An exhausted Sparks Clearpath and her little sister Inapita Sasa share an evening by the fire before tragedy drastically alters their lives.

Sparks Clearpath

The Failed Scheme

Sparks Clearpath makes her way to the community of Sharlstown looking to trade.