Bang Brave Bang Bravern

My favorite show of the Winter 2024 season has modern day military forces fighting back against aliens along side a bombastic space mecha.

2022 Was A Great Year for Anime

We haven't seen a year packed with so many great anime since 2018!

Sheryl, Alto, and Ranka on a Island 1 trolley

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 28: Labyrinth of Time

This brief, spectacular return to the Macross Frontier story meets and surpasses expectations with a wonderful new song and brilliant, colorful animation.

Review: Akebi’s Sailor Uniform Anime

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform is a fun, good-natured show that allows its energetic lead to become the glue that binds her entire junior high class together.

Review: Gekijouban Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Movie

The Revue Starlight Movie pulls off a surprising, well founded continuation of the anime series that is spectacularly theatric from beginning to end.

Sheryl looking out at Frontier fleet

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 01: Cross Encounter

As first episodes go, the Yak Deculture Edition of Macross Frontier is a very strong introduction to the fifth major Macross series.

Bite-sized Backstory 1: Fundament

Destiny, the first person shooter developed by Bungie, has a wealth of backstory hidden away in its off screen Grimoire. This series digs into some of the most fascinating bits of Destiny's first few years of lore.