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Macross Frontier Episode Guide 16: Ranka Attack

Under Grace's leadership, Ranka learns a new, darker version of Aimo which is then put to use against the Vajra in a test battle. Meanwhile, Sheryl's sickness returns as she worries about being forgotten.

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 15: Lost Peace

In this flashback episode, we learn more about the strange conspiracy that has been brewing since even before Sheryl arrived on Frontier.

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 14: Mother’s Lullaby

The Vajra fleet that folded from Gallia 4 emerges right in the path of the Frontier fleet. A large battle ensues.

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 13: Memory of Global

Alto and Ranka explore closer to the downed Macross, but Grace finally shows her true colors and puts a devestating plan into motion!

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 12: Fastest Delivery

Alto and Sheryl arrive at Gallia 4 for Sheryl's next concert, but Sheryl's illness finally catches up to her leaving her bedridden. The already belligerent group of Zentradi at the Gallia 4 military base use her sickness as an excuse to mutiny.