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The Sorcerer

A little later in life, Sparks sets out on a fantastic adventure only to be turned back by an unexpected snow storm. Upon returning to a friendly tavern, she only wants to rest, but a belligerent wizard enters with his own agenda.

Tomb Raider (2018) Review

It seems like there's a rule that says that live action movies based on video games have to be awful. Tomb Raider (2018) somehow managed to buck that trend. While it has its share of missteps, it is one of the first big screen video game adaptations to do its source material justice.

Gravity Rush 2 Review

Gravity Rush 2 is a delightful game that sees you control Kat, a young woman who has the power to shift gravity and fall in any direction she chooses. Throughout the game, you'll do everything from helping a little boy find his lost dog, to saving the world from the forces of evil all while enjoying Kat's helpful, upbeat nature.