The Macross Frontier Episode Guide is an episode by episode review and discussion of the 2008 anime series Macross Frontier. 

A big part of writing this guide was making sure I came in with a fresh, full understanding of the Macross franchise. So I rewatched it. All of it. The whole franchise in a three month semi-binge. 🙂

June 16th, 2019 – Start SDF Macross. (36 episodes)

June 21st, 2019 – Finish SDF Macross and start on Do You Remember Love? Movie

June 22nd, 2019 – Finish DYRL and start and finish Macross Plus (4 episodes)

June 23rd, 2019 – Start Macross 7. (49 episodes) 

June 27th, 2019 – Finish Macross 7. Start Macross Zero (5 episodes)

June 28th, 2019 – Finish Macross Zero. Start Macross Frontier (25 episodes) while taking detailed, time coded notes on each episode.

June 29th, 2019 – Begin constructing episode guide layout. 

July 5th, 2019- Macross Frontier complete. Start on Frontier movies 1 and 2. 

July 23rd, 2019 – Finish notes on both movies. Start seriously writing episodes guides. 

July 27th, 2019 – Episodes guides up to episode 4 complete. 

August 4th, 2019 – Episodes up to 14 complete. 

August 23th, 2019 – Episode 25 complete. 

September 30th, 2022 – Updated with Labyrinth of Time

Fanciful artistic image of Ranka in flowery dress

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 21: Azure Ether

Though her emotions are crushed, Ranka manages to sing through her pain and rescue Frontier. Afterwards, she leaves everything behind in order to set out on an uncertain journey.

Fold Microbes under microscope

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 22: Northern Cross

After her turbulant downfall over the past few months, Sheryl learns something new about her singing that may just save the Frontier Fleet.

Alto looking out over the observatory

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 23: True Begin

Alto and Sheryl make the best of a lull between events while Grace moves a step closer to her ultimate goal.

Frontier fleet dropping towards planet

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 24: Last Frontier

SMS learns the truth behind Grace's manipulations while Leon leads the Frontier fleet into a final battle against the Vajra.

Ranka and Sheryl chasing after a flying Alto

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 25: Your Sound

Though somewhat rushed, Macross Frontier's final episode represents one of the most pure distillations of Macross' three key pillars.

Sheryl & Ranka back to back

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 26: The False Songstress

In this first of two higher budget movies, we get an alternate retelling of Macross Frontier that does a good job of refining the narrative of the main series.

Ranka & Sheryl back to back with magic wings

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 27: Wings of Farewell

Wings of Goodbye sings Macross Frontier out with a bang. This second movie features almost all new animation and some surprising story twists.

Sheryl, Alto, and Ranka on a Island 1 trolley

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 28: Labyrinth of Time

This brief, spectacular return to the Macross Frontier story meets and surpasses excitations with a wonderful new song and brilliant, colorful animation.