Sheryl dragging Alto along

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 05: Star Date

Sheryl drags Alto all over Frontier looking for her lost earring while Ranka continues to assert herself with regards to her singing.

Miss Macross stage

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 04: Miss Macross

Alto and Ranka pursue their dreams but find out not everything worth doing is necessarily easy. In the end, both see some sucess but still have a long way to go.

Sheryl getting in car

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 03: On Your Marks

Alto, Ranka, and Sheryl narrowly avoid disaster as the Vajra resume their attack. Later, Alto learns more about Ranka's past while Ranka makes a move to better her future.

Alto holding Ranka in Valkyrie hand

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 02: Hard Chase

Alto does his best to rescue Ranka from the attacking Vajra before Ozma and Michael are able to put an end to the battle. Later, Ranka meets one of her heroes: Sheryl Nome!

Sheryl looking out at Frontier fleet

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 01: Cross Encounter

As first episodes go, the Yak Deculture Edition of Macross Frontier is a very strong introduction to the fifth major Macross series.

Review: RWBY Volume 6

Season 6 of RWBY continues the long running series and marks a nice rebound from season 5 in terms of fight scenes and pacing. More of Remnant's mysteries are revealed, one of RWBY's long time rivals is notably defeated, and the season ends on an upbeat note while still retaining the sense of uncertainty that has made the show so great ever since Beacon fell in season 3.