Alto looking out over the observatory

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 23: True Begin

Alto and Sheryl make the best of a lull between events while Grace moves a step closer to her ultimate goal.

Fold Microbes under microscope

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 22: Northern Cross

After her turbulant downfall over the past few months, Sheryl learns something new about her singing that may just save the Frontier Fleet.

Fanciful artistic image of Ranka in flowery dress

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 21: Azure Ether

Though her emotions are crushed, Ranka manages to sing through her pain and rescue Frontier. Afterwards, she leaves everything behind in order to set out on an uncertain journey.

Ranka flanked by Alto and Sheryl with smoke and fire rising around them

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 20: Diamond Crevasse

Tragedy unfolds across the Frontier fleet as the Vajra attack begins anew. In the midst of destruction, both Ranka and Sheryl desprately try and find new reasons to continue singing.

Alto and Sheryl sitting in Japanese room with doors slid open to pond garden

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 19: Triangler

Alto confronts Sheryl as she lies to him about wishing to end her singing career. Meanwhile, Ranka realizes what and who she is really singing for.

Ranka at news conference

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 18: Fold Frame

Grace deals a fatal blow to Sheryl's self confidence while Michael and Klan uncover some of the mystery behind the Galatic Fairy's former manager.

Chibi Ranka

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 17: Goodbye Sister

We finally learn why the Vajra are such a big threat when a new group of them attack Frontier. Can anything stop the Vajra now?

Brera defending

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 16: Ranka Attack

Under Grace's leadership, Ranka learns a new, darker version of Aimo which is then put to use against the Vajra in a test battle. Meanwhile, Sheryl's sickness returns as she worries about being forgotten.

Sheryl drops blood vial

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 15: Lost Peace

In this flashback episode, we learn more about the strange conspiracy that has been brewing since even before Sheryl arrived on Frontier.

Lots of missiles streaking towards target

Macross Frontier Episode Guide 14: Mother’s Lullaby

The Vajra fleet that folded from Gallia 4 emerges right in the path of the Frontier fleet. A large battle ensues.