Shortly after the three sisters escaped their overthrown kingdom, but long before they found something incredible in a far away maelstrom, Aurash suggested that each of them take an oath in response to what had happened to them. They each, in turn, stabbed themselves through a fleshy part of their left hands with their knifes and carved a short, blood-soaked line down the sides of the mast of Aurash’s ship as they swore their oaths. The damage to their hands would not be debilitating or permanent, but it would be painful and it would leave a lasting reminder in the form of a scar.

Xi Ro, the up and coming warrior who was the youngest of the three royal sisters, swore to take back the Osmium Court and kill their former instructor Taxo who betrayed them and their kingdom.

Sathona, the clever thinker, pledged to become a mother and breed her spawn on the corpse of the king of the Helium Drinker mercenaries who Taxo had conspired with.

And Aurash, the sailor and explorer and who was oldest of the sisters… hesitated. It wasn’t until her sisters provided her their help that she was was able to stab her hand and swear her oath. But why? After all, it was Aurash who told her sisters they should all take oaths in the first place. And they hadn’t needed her help. It seems unlikely that Aurash feared the physical pain of making the oath, so what then? Let’s read her oath together and find out:

I am Aurash, first daughter of the dead king. I will chase my father’s last screamed warning. I will know what changed the motion of our moons. If the end of the world is coming, I will understand why.

On my center eye I swear it. I will understand.

There are two things here:

While Xi Ro and Sathona’s oaths are both centered on revenge, Aurash’s is not. I think, unlike her sisters, she isn’t one to turn so quickly to violence.
Though perhaps not as prone to violence as her two sisters, Aurash also seems far more concerned with something other than revenge. A large part of her oath talks about their father’s last warning which was about the motions of Fundament’s moons. A warning that Aurash claims is somehow linked to the end of the world?!

What is this? What is going on?

It turns out that the Osmium King might not have been as mad and as senile as he had seemed. Turns out, there was something he discovered and shared with his oldest daughter shortly before his death… something that would ultimately spur Aurash and her brave exiled sisters to become three of the worst monsters the galaxy had ever seen!

III: The Oath